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Christ Lutheran Church

We extend a welcome invitation to join us in the worship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As Christians, the mercies of God, not the law, motivate us to genuine service.  When we are motivated by the Gospel and transformed by the Gospel, we are called to serve the Lord as He enables us with gladness. May the spirit of Christ continues to guide us to serve willingly.

Upcoming Events


An LWML Tailgate Meeting/Social will be held in the church parking lot on Saturday, June 13, 10:30 AM.  Come with your chair, and bring your beverage/snack as we enjoy the morning sun and have the opportunity to visit. We have certainly missed everyone.


Your monthly Mite offering can be sent directly to our LWML Treasurer: Shirley Parsley. Her information is in the directory.


The Florist that has been supplying our flowers may be moving out of the area. If they do, what are your thoughts on a bouquet being picked up each week at a grocery store (i.e.  Kroger’s).  The cost would be less.